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[CS16] Checkpoints release + Adding maps + Event

Posted by Kpoluk 25 Nov 2019 in 18:38


Hi all, let's start with democall for our New Year (or Christmas) movie. We have plans to mix some good runs and trickjumps on winter maps. Good run means without fails and if there are KZ-Rush site records on this map, you should finish map faster than our best demo. We have plenty winter maps, for examle you can choose from this list: winter maps

Run shouldn't be too long, optimal time is 2-3 minutes. Before recording contact us, cause someone may choose the same map before you. You can send your demos with runs and tricks in PM to Russian Federation Kpoluk or Russian Federation lxr on the site, in steam or discord. Specify your nick and country. Last day for your demos is December, 15.

I advise you to use LJ Demo mode for recording trickjumps, by default /gocheck in this mode works the same way as /start, i. e. teleports you and starts demo recording (you can check it on the first page of Settings Menu). If you've never used it before, you can read more here. This way you'll avoid 10-minutes demos with one successful jump or combo.

Adding maps + Event

This time we have two new community maps - hb_JKR2 by Armenia all1aNce and rush_qubish by Japan edZika. Moreover we decided to conduct an event on rush_qubish - the best server record (or site demo) will get 500 rubles. Ranking will be made by Exp, i. e. any run without checkpoints is better than any run with checkpoints. Site has this map only for nocp demos. Of course in order to participate you should be registered in our rating system. The last day of event is December, 4th.

Talking about other maps, this news is notable for having the last big portion of maps, cause there are no more unexamined XJ and cosy maps. Well, maybe except maps with ez_ tag, which are basically the original maps with some bhop blocks turned into general one. Structurally they became easier, while visually modified blocks changed their color or became flickering. Write in comments your opinion about it, for example maybe we need only some of these maps.

Extreme maps

bhop_tropic_h - not very suitable animation of waterfall texture; non-decorated teleports
idw_carnifex - REMBO5 joined the request of rang00 and promised to finish this map, so let it be on our Extreme server. I should remind you that bhop blocks are placed so randomly it's impossible without mpbhop (btw we already have 2 or 3 three such maps, and that's bad)
hb_mls - too short
mb_sketchy - file sound/mam6a/tetrad/glitmj1.wav added to the archive
qcg_longslides - may be called the logical extension of slide_svn_longslides, there last block before finish was 250, and here first block is 280; for the site only

Hard maps

bhop_seasonbhop_h - difficulty increases through the map; at the end block is not 224, but 240
hama_bricksv2 - rooms have no main theme; one cannot back to the finish from start by map means only
int_espresso - clip brush blocking sc
int_lemons - texture conflicts on highlights
slide_lws_giantramp - no hp booster

Average maps

ksz_egyptianez - some torches are func_illusionary, some not
cd_kartbhop - one can leave the map with hook
chk_graystreet - one cannot back to the finish from start by map means only
deathrun_earthquake - for the site only
doesnt_amenothep - one cannot back to the finish from start by map means only; no hp booster
gdn_lila_gentle - difficulty increases through the map; bhop blocks textured as general
godc_0751 - bhop blocks textured as general
hb_Creep - missing sprites added to the archive
hb_leaveR - difficulty imbalance
kz_hb_elITe - one cannot back to the finish from start by map means only; the whole map is easy, but one bhop at the end is at least easy-average
kz_hb_fykseN - wooden bridge disappearing depending on the angle of view
kzs_torn2 - risky last jump
kztw_mysticblock - imbalanced jump; bad brush docking; texture conflicts on bhop blocks
mls_minecraft - clip brushes blocking sc
pcm_mls_parched - poorly desgined - no additional objects on the map
six_cbblebhop - big delay on bhop blocks; missing texture behind one of boxes
vt_lummoxbhop_e - no hp booster; one cannot back to the finish from start by map means only
Y_minicas - bhop is harder than climb; texture conflicts on bhop

Rejected maps

muj_markule - interesting idea with emulation of platformer, but firstly it has an indirect relation to kreedz, secondly it's problematic to track left-right mouse movements, while up-down are made blindly
gdn_lila_nasty - hard version of gdn_lila_gentle, not sure if it's possible
hama_replayclimb - poorly designed: non-decorated teleports, random textures; no hp booster; one cannot back to the finish from start by map means only
kzlyy_arcadiia - difficulty imbalance: map is easy but some jumps are easy-average and average
kzra_stairsmaster - good design but structurally is a few slides and lj blocks, everything else is stairs; non-decorated teleport; clip brushes blocking sc
cnm_hb_kurumi - poorly designed; high amount of wpoly
cnm_lake - too short, one can leave map borders with hook
hb_Logitechhhhh - too dark
jro_horsebhop - there's bhop on qsk_grayish-2 with tooltip, where blocks appears while you jump giving only one place to land every time. This trick was used on other maps as well, but jro_horsebhop made it absurd by increasing the number of blocks up to 64. At that there's no other elements on the map
sdmz_ganj_v2 - too short; incoherent design; slide angle is too steep leading to high imbalance
sdmz_q - too dark; wrong angles of teleports on hard map; not a single safe teleport on the whole map, hell for nocp run; difficulty imbalance; texture conflicts on all bhops in walls
int_orange - one can see NULL textures with hook; too short
hb_gorbachev_h - even without hook one can see NULL textures of neighbouring level; for some reason a lot of clip brushes are placed everywhere, preventing free fly with hook; there's hb_gorbachev_x on our server for fans of extreme slide
ih_edgeforemma_kwr - 4 edgebugs
hm_pro_only - set of lj or bhop blocks with one teleport
gbc_jam_eb_x - too short; a few edgebugs and some slide
hama_Estr3m0 - too short; difficulty imbalance
nk_xiagaoblock - all difficulties from easy to extreme on small map; despite being divided into stages it's very unfriendly for nocp
kztw_b2d_ladderhops_rmk - respawn at the center of the map, at that one cannot reach the start by map means; wrong angles of teleports
ksz_cavelights - too short
ksz_62units - too short; clip brush blocking sc; teleports blocking sc; alsmot the whole map is repeating of the same jump
ksz_strafejumps - non-decorated teleport to another location; one cannot back to the finish from start by map means only; huge dead end right under the finish stage from which one can see NULL textures
deathrun_reptilia_timer - one cannot leave the respawn by map means; alsmost the whole map is just running, not the best way to adapt deathrun maps

Updating LAN server to v4.5.7

Upon request of Russian Federation plst now you can change color of damage HUD message (cvars kz_damage_red, kz_damage_green and kz_damage_blue in config kz_demo.cfg, by default the color is white, i.e. all three 255). Also he asked to move the list of spectators to the right, but here's a nuance. Plugin specinfo.amxx tries to show speclist and speckeys at the same time in one channel. So it places the HUD message at the top center, moving speclist to the right with tabulations and speckeys lower with line breaks. That's why this information is placed differently on various resolutions. For now I've just added cvar si_tabs to change the number of tabulations for speclist (by default it's 18, if you want to change it use main config amxx.cfg), but CS has restrictions, so near si_tabs 42 speclist breaks. When we get our own lj stats, I'll embed speckeys in it (in the same channel as /speed) and speclist will be a separate plugin kz_rush_speclist.amxx. More details soon.

Besides I've increased the amount of starting hp on maps with booster up to one million, and you don't need godmode on kzru_spacehop anymore (so automatic godmode on this map removed). But do not jump into the laser twice :)

And one more thing - when player recorded demo with checkpoints using main menu for cp and tp, video had flickering menu. I've already tried to fix it, but succeeded just now.

Steam CS 1.6 sale

We regularly receive complaints that some non-steam user lost Exp and Points. It happens cause for all non-steams server generates Steam ID basing on system characteristics. So if such player reinstall OS (or even just CS) Steam ID may change, while all records and Exp remain bound to old ID. To prevent it please buy licensed version of Counter-Strike 1.6 in Steam, now they have sell-out, so CS costs about one euro (check it for your region). Do not lose your chance, non-steams, the offer ends on December, 3rd!

Release with checkpoints

Ukraine 1111

fu_insane done in 06:46.45 (170 CP, 136 GC) (10:15.52 Ukraine 1111) 2 place Watch

China McCormick

ins_x[mpbhop] done in 03:36.96 (22 CP, 43 GC) 1 place Watch
kzlu_playboybhop_h[mpbhop] done in 01:38.04 (14 CP, 26 GC) 1 place Watch
kzz_bhop done in 27:46.17 (56 CP, 263 GC) 1 place Watch

Russian Federation topoviygus

fu_insane done in 05:25.66 (156 CP, 106 GC) (10:15.52 Ukraine 1111) 1 place Watch
hama_hb_all1aNce done in 20:24.83 (563 CP, 492 GC) (27:10.19 Armenia all1aNce) 1 place Watch
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