Kreedz Jumping

Game mode when you racing with other players to finish a maps as fast as possible. Its comes from Counter-Strike 1.6 and was named in honor of creator
Our community will help you with passing the maps with your friends, set new records, participate and win in tournaments.

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[CS16] Checkpoints release + Spring Cup #2

Posted by Kpoluk 30 Apr in 18:19
We're opening registration for KZ-Rush Spring Cup #2. Just as two weeks ago, it will be held on Sunday (May, 3), at 19:00 by Moscow time (UTC+3). If more than 16 players come, we create second group, that will play right after first group finishes all maps. To participate write "I'm in" or + here in comments.

Cup gameplay:

  • Each map is played once.
  • After map change you will see menu where you should confirm that you are ready. As soon as everyone is ready, cup admin initiates start. You don't need to press start button, but you have to press the finish (unless maximum time has expired).
  • There are hidden checkpoints placed all over the map. If maximum map time is over and you haven't reached the finish, server will suppose that you passed the map with maximum time plus some addition, based on number of remaining checkpoints. If more than one player have the same last checkpoint, server will take in consideration the order of reaching it.
  • If you die then you will be teleported somewhere at the middle of your path (number of last checkpoint is divided by two).
  • Passing time will be automatically turned into points just like on main servers (article about points system). Points on maps (and on cups) are summed. At the end of the season players will take prizes.
Maps and maximum times of incoming cup:

xj_ap_matsuo (4 minutes)
kzbr_hasty (4 minutes)
hb_dropzone (4 minutes)
bkz_volcanobhop (3 minutes)
kz_kzsca_ancientblock (6 minutes)
kz_greattemple (6 minutes)
kz_megabhop (4 minutes)
kzlv_evolutionhop (4 minutes)

English stream will be provided by fykseN on his twitch channel

Group 1:

Group 2:


b2dkz_bleckplan3 done in 05:02.26 (227 CP, 41 GC) (06:09.49 1111) 1 place
cd_2333 done in 05:11.77 (117 CP, 83 GC) (12:29.74 Kpoluk) 1 place
dyd_onlime done in 07:10.47 (314 CP, 116 GC) (06:19.60 inspare) 2 place
prochallenge2_mix done in 09:32.39 (358 CP, 70 GC) (10:16.87 inspare) 1 place
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[CS16] Release #175 - 15 new records

Posted by Kpoluk 27 Apr in 15:09
We also add maps from the last map release on XJ. Almost no comments on new maps, except teleports blocking shortcuts on kz_frostbite, plus one can go inside rocks at this place. And another addition is a new extreme community map - hb_toffifee2 by HaMMa:

Extreme map

Average maps


daza_snowblock2 done in 02:34.66 (02:35.51 tasi) 1 place 30 Exp


bhop_kamui done in 00:57.00 (00:47.84 Kalashnikov) 4 place 0 Exp


bhopkz_raz done in 01:27.17 WR! (01:27.35 Creep) 1 place 30 Exp


bhop_avantura done in 01:21.42 (01:11.89 Dolphin) 14 place 17 Exp


kt_megacliff done in 03:41.30 (03:10.90 -Gow-) 3 place 28 Exp


kzus_bleu done in 01:18.46 (01:12.56 Creep) 3 place 0 Exp
risk_inertia done in 02:04.47 (02:08.23 Kalashnikov) 1 place 30 Exp


1324_hellhouse done in 15:56.23 (03:57.12 c0c0n) 2 place 29 Exp
bkz_lost done in 10:44.98 (01:47.82 rze) 3 place 28 Exp
ccn_scourge done in 31:12.61 (02:56.13 GoDfreee) 5 place 26 Exp


slide_cobkz_town done in 00:31.53 (00:31.64 c0c0n) 1 place -9 Exp


bhop_avantura done in 01:11.53 (01:11.89 Dolphin) 1 place 30 Exp


nk_tierrablock2 done in 01:41.13 (01:49.05 tasi) 1 place 30 Exp


bkzqn_forest_gep done in 02:17.45 WR! (02:18.55 chorogons) 1 place 31 Exp


ad_luhop_h done in 01:08.39 WR! (01:08.97 rawe) 1 place 50 Exp
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[CS16] Release #174 - 20 new records

Posted by Kpoluk 22 Apr in 10:08
Some maps-related updates:

  • fixed version of notkz_avalon was added to the site and server. Earlier map was examined and it turned out that it has dead end in middle (while the whole run is about 20 minutes). Qicg corrected the water there so we don't even need to use a new name cause wr is still playable and it's compatible with servers that have old version of the map.
  • bhop_tatueugen was fixed on servers - mapper made some blocks func_breakable for some reason, and our servers remove all such entities from the map, so we had to add it to the exception list.
  • kzbr_The_new_century also was fixed on servers - a dozen of blocks before finish were created as func_wall_toggle instead of func_wall, so mpbhop considered them as bhop blocks.
Also server setting LJ Beam turned into Beam and now has 4 states:

  • Off
  • LJ Beam
  • EdgeBug Beam
  • LJ + EdgeBug Beam
It means you can enable/disable both drawing of LJ trajectory and green square at place of EdgeBug.


bhop_kamui done in 01:08.17 (00:47.84 Kalashnikov) 4 place 27 Exp


slide_cobkz_town done in 00:31.64 (00:31.98 porsche) 1 place -9 Exp


mad_nowhere_h done in 03:32.66 (03:47.28 REMBO5) 1 place 30 Exp


cd_kartbhop done in 02:05.98 (02:19.09 ChooKy) 1 place 20 Exp
cg_coldbhop_v2_h done in 00:58.11 WR! (00:58.43 Dolphin) 1 place 20 Exp
kzbr_wetbhop done in 01:20.45 WR! (01:36.50 505) 1 place 50 Exp
mrcn_bom done in 01:54.44 WR! (01:58.21 kennynext) 1 place 50 Exp


j2s_4tunnels done in 10:23.62 (03:35.22 HaMMa) 13 place 18 Exp


kz_lain done in 02:06.33 (01:50.31 Dolphin) 2 place 29 Exp
kzus_bleu done in 01:21.48 (01:12.56 Creep) 3 place 28 Exp


kz_kzsca_desertedlab done in 09:59.59 1 place 30 Exp


kzsca_snakebhop done in 01:09.33 (01:09.58 wayz) 1 place 1 Exp


ftw_deathzone done in 04:56.51 (03:40.97 Belayed) 3 place 18 Exp
holy_strafemaster done in 01:53.23 (01:19.66 Creep) 2 place 19 Exp


slide_cobkz_town done in 00:31.72 (00:31.98 porsche) 2 place -11 Exp


kz_kzus_mountaincrest done in 06:10.31 (06:58.75 Kalashnikov) 1 place 30 Exp


bhop_blocksponge done in 03:03.62 (03:20.30 c0c0n) 1 place 30 Exp
bhop_ctm_color done in 01:01.92 1 place 30 Exp
bhop_m_lab done in 02:36.07 (02:45.67 c0c0n) 1 place 30 Exp


nz_lidt_af_hvert done in 01:15.28 (01:25.97 vadimzoredd) 1 place 30 Exp
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Deleted demos

KZ-Rush Spring Cup #1

Posted by Kpoluk 19 Apr in 11:12
The first stage of our league-like tournament was finished and here are 5 leaders of current rank:

1. MEEL - 208 points
2. blackfury - 197 points
3. -Gow- - 190 points
4. DON_SIMON - 185 points
5. voX - 182 points
Overall list

Update: On stream we promised to punish fake players. We waited for DON_SIMON to go online and gave him a chance, but he denied it. So here we are: DON_SIMON gets his ban for half a year (while next fake case will be punished more severely).
And another account vedro_lidokayina of inspare who played instead of him is banned permanently for ban bypass and cup fake, plus his records will be removed due to 3 bans (on this acc only) on servers.

You can watch our stream here: YouTube (Russian Language)

There were some problems on start this time due to server lags but after all we are very happy that cup was finished in normal mode. Thanks to all participants and all who watched our stream too.

[CS16] Checkpoints release + Registration for Online Cup

Posted by Kpoluk 16 Apr in 11:21

Norway Creep

kz_synergy_x done in 05:56.35 (47 CP, 29 GC) (06:19.31 United Kingdom ehund) 1 place Watch
We won't let a demo with checkpoints lie for too long, even if it's just one demo. At the same time I'll tell you what's new. Maps from last cosy release were checked and unfortunately none of them will be added:

er92_standart - too short even without shortcuts; no hp booster; difficulty imbalance
kzcn_wxii_street - too short; invisible ceiling; same textures for passable and non-passable places
slide_lws_snow - wrong max viewable distance; func_breakable are not decorated; room with unused blocks; right after that hidden func_door moving with hidden button (and no hints in dark corridors); texture conflict on this moving func_door
vcn_cbkz_rescue - I've already written a few times about "brain maps" - they should contain mini-game or force player to perform some sequencing that can be learned from hints; if you just place triggers over map waiting for player to bump into every angle and shoot every wall then it has no relation to puzzles; good example of puzzle map is kz_1man_game or kz_1man_game_ez, try to play it yourself
hama_sharp - analog of prochallenge_precision, same jumps and lean design

However there is a good side - we've updated our mappacks, both of them can be found on downloads page. In total we have 1477 easy and average maps and 536 hard+ maps.

Moreover new article about Slide physics (plus Wallrun and Wallslide) was posted finally. There will be a few more parts, and then simplified version of the whole series.

And the most important news is that on April, 19 (Sunday) at 19:00 by Moscow time (UTC+3) we'll carry out new online cup. Format is the same as it was previous time on test cup, but starting from new cup players will save their points until the end of season (i.e. the end of May), and after that winners will get money prizes according to their rank (prize will be a bit more than for offline tournaments). Players will be able to register before every cup, so anyone can join every time. If you want to win, you sholdn't miss any cups, but if you still forgot or were late, it doesn't mean that chance is lost. Maplist with maximum play time on every map for incoming cup:

bhop_cave3 (max 5 minutes)
mst_dusthop (max 3 minutes)
kz_xj_ezbrickjump (max 5 minutes)
kzsca_heaven (max 5 minutes)
mh_brickbhop (max 4 minutes)
kz_kzsca_pyramid_ez (max 5 minutes)
kz_j2s_summercliff_ez (max 4 minutes)
cg_beginner (max 4 minutes)

So, if you want to participate on this Sunday, write about it here in comment section.

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