Kreedz Jumping

Game mode when you racing with other players to finish a maps as fast as possible. Its comes from Counter-Strike 1.6 and was named in honor of creator
Our community will help you with passing the maps with your friends, set new records, participate and win in tournaments.

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The first Cup

Posted by Russian Federation lxr 9 Oct in 20:42
We are thinking about Cups in our community for a long time, and now that time has come. The first cup in our community will be in test mode and will give us a chance to get feedback and try something new in organizing process. So, this Cup will be without money prizes but we will very grateful to all participants and maybe give VIP's or points to winners.

The event will take place on Saturday at 19 o'clock by Moscow time (16:00 UTC).

This cup will be in Single elimination mode and all matches will be in 1x1 BO3 format. Before starting a match players will cross out maps which they don't want to play and repeat it until 3 maps remains which will be shuffled. Every match will be played for a 5 minutes or until one player reachs finish. All matches will be played in one day, so pleace be sure that you can be in game in time.

Map pool for this Cup:

Write a "+" in the comments below to register in this event and don't forget to add administrators Russian Federation lxr (Steam) and Russian Federation Kpoluk (Steam) to friends in Steam.

[CS16] Offline tournament #6 - 14 demos

Posted by Russian Federation Kpoluk 8 Oct in 18:24
Time to take stock of the sixth offline tournament! The map this time was filled with all sorts of combos, and all runs turned out to be so different and interesting. Prize-winning places will soon receive their money, and, as promised, all participants receive a VIP (except for the two Kreedz Masters, they already have the maximum privileges). Thanks to everyone who recorded the demos, your activity is the most valuable thing we have. See you in the next tournaments!

Tournament results:

1 place - Czech Republic fykseN (60 Exp) 500 RUB, 2 weeks of VIP1
2 place - Argentina rawe (29 Exp) 300 RUB, 2 weeks of VIP1
3 place - Russian Federation WhereIsMyPanda (28 Exp) 200 RUB, + 1 week of VIP2
4 place - Norway Creep (27 Exp)
5 place - Taiwan Penguin (26 Exp)
6 place - Russian Federation flajok (25 Exp) 2 weeks of VIP1
7 place - Russian Federation Kpoluk (24 Exp) + 2 weeks of VIP1
8 place - Russian Federation jocelynflores (23 Exp) + 1 week of VIP2
9 place - Russian Federation EcLiPSe (22 Exp) 2 weeks of VIP1
10 place - Russian Federation ScrAw (21 Exp) 2 weeks of VIP1
11 place - Algeria inj3ct0r. (19 Exp) 2 weeks of VIP1
12 place - Russian Federation lxr (18 Exp) 2 weeks of VIP1
13 place - Russian Federation Faite (17 Exp) 2 weeks of VIP1
14 place - China Tomstx (10 Exp) 2 weeks of VIP1


Czech Republic fykseN done in 01:19.99 WR! 1 place 60 Exp Watch
Argentina rawe done in 01:22.66 2 place 29 Exp Watch
Russian Federation WhereIsMyPanda done in 01:25.30 3 place 28 Exp Watch
Norway Creep done in 01:26.89 4 place 27 Exp Watch
Taiwan Penguin done in 01:35.44 5 place 26 Exp Watch
Russian Federation flajok done in 01:41.77 6 place 25 Exp Watch
Russian Federation Kpoluk done in 01:44.37 7 place 24 Exp Watch
Russian Federation jocelynflores done in 01:47.24 8 place 23 Exp Watch
Russian Federation EcLiPSe done in 01:48.56 9 place 22 Exp Watch
Russian Federation ScrAw done in 01:57.40 10 place 21 Exp Watch
China Tomstx done in 01:57.82 11 place 10 Exp Watch
Algeria inj3ct0r. done in 01:59.95 12 place 19 Exp Watch
Russian Federation lxr done in 02:03.90 13 place 18 Exp Watch
Russian Federation Faite done in 02:04.20 14 place 17 Exp Watch
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Offline tournament #6

Posted by Russian Federation Kpoluk 30 Sep in 18:41
ATTENTION! Big shortcut was found, so the map was updated (19:24 01.10.2018). To the guy uploaded the demo: +use script is forbidden, check the demo recording rules, mentioned below.

FuZzy1 is here again with his new tournament map for our community! We asked him to make it short, easy and with a lot of combos, so as many players as possible could participate. So, please welcome:

All rules for nocp demos apply.

As always, there is a special upload for tournament demos:

First place will get 500 rubles, the second 300 rubles and the third 200 rubles. All participants will get VIP 1 for two weeks. If someone already has VIP 1, he will get + 2 weeks to it, if he has higher VIP, he will get 700 Points (not Exp!).

Upload will be closed automatically at midnight by Moscow time from 7 to 8 October.

By the way, there were some changes on the site last week. We have almost fully switched to the new terminology in our Points System (articles, pages and server messages were updated). Also now you can send private messages thourgh the menu of by clicking the button in urer's profile. A little bug with given points was fixed (thanks to your vigilance, MuneEbIzBaCk за внимательность). As we promised, new page with donats and expences was created, as well as article about Hamachi. Keep work and good luck on the tournament!

Adding maps

Posted by Russian Federation Kpoluk 27 Sep in 17:46
First of all, let's add inspare to the list of cheaters who got critical number of bans. Next ban will lead to a permanent block and removing of all server records (previous account will be banned too).

Secondly, LAN server had two mini updates. When player used kz_mainmenu 0 he couldn't change Mode in the Main menu, version 4.4.1 fixed it. Also ScrAw found another bug on kz_man_madness: a big platform appeared after going through the trigger near the finish button, so perfroming sc after restart became impossible. Version 4.4.2 is able to reset all such func_wall_toggle after fast restart.

A long time ago we haven't add kz_return cause of texture leaks. And now Jeronimo has fixed it, so meet the kz_return_fix. Note, that this is not the same map, so a demo recorded on fixed version won't be accepted on XJ (until they update the map too, ofcourse). And now let's check some maps:

Extreme maps

mls_illusionary_x - in one of the rooms teleports are not separated logically or by design from the rest part of the map; if there won't be any records by the end of the year, this map will be deleted
mls_cave_h - I've already written about it, but since we give a chance to other extreme maps, let's try it; if there won't be any records by the end of the year, this map will be deleted
hama_bhopp - and one more map which difficulty is gained due to long distances between blocks and superlong nonstop bhop stages; incoherent desing of different rooms; teleports among rooms have no visual representation; there was a compilation log in map archive; if there won't be any records by the end of the year, this map will be deleted

Hard maps

bhop_styleer - clip brushes, blocking sc
cd_666 - clip brushes, dictating path; difficulty imbalance; the first halft of the map is hard, second one is hard-extreme
mls_pal_bhops_h - log compilation in map archive; and again difficulty imbalance on such a short map. All bhops up to last stages are hard-extreme, and at the end difficulty turns to be extreme. And it's not cause of complicated turns, restrictions on duck use etc as it was done on gbc_hb_hoLy, but just because of large distances between bhop blocks. It only has to remove half of blocks and release mls_pal_bhops_x, which will take place near mls_cave_h

Average maps

stan_shulbhop - texture conflicts on bhop
gbc_randomclimb - almost the whole map is the same jumps around pillars
gbc_randomblock - no detailing, bare blocks with three textures
gbc_randomblock2 - no detailing, bare blocks with three textures
bhop_arxdukz - clip brushes dictating path; ceiling if lifted up so one can see NULL textures; difficulty imbalance at the end
hama_annihiilation - no hp booster (as was said before, lack of booster makes sence when it directly influences the path and not just the number of times player allowed to fall from the same place)
hama_to_juhx - difficulty imbalance, one of bhop blocks can be seen through the gap after shifting into the wall
mls_hb_Alliance - easy climb part and average bhops; clip brush blocking sc; a few blocks are made func_wall for some reason; planning flaws: no teleport from lj room, one cannot return to start from finish by map means
mls_greenstyle_bh - minor difficulty imbalance; texture conflicts on center parts of bhop blocks; planning flaws: no teleport from lj room, one cannot return to start from finish by map means
mls_icefall_bhop - texture conflicts on bhops at the start; one of bhop stage's teleport is not separated logically or by design from the rest part of the map; planning flaw: one cannot return to start from finish by map means
b2j_g0ldwalk - it should be denied as too short, but let's make an exception for this old map

Rejected maps

bhop_arxdukz_v1 - too short
hama_alkahf - at first map is about to has hard difficulty, some texture conflicts and delays on bhop blocks, bad texture docking and texture leak, but than it turns into total confusion: there are bhop and climb jumps of all difficulties, distances seem to be peeked at random
hama_lavaatree - poorly structured: one nominal tree with blocks around it and minclimb inside (reminds of sn_noobbean of 2004, but shorter); bad brushes docking
mls_night_bh - difficulty imbalance: easy stages are interlaced with average; one can stand at the top of slides, what can be used for sc (and therefore wr will be even faster); one of regular blocks looks the same as bhop blocks; one of the rooms has ledges resembling blocks, but appears to be not reachable; with a lot of colors on the map same highlight is used for both bhop and regular blocks
mls_floppytown_bh - texture conflicts on bhops at the beginning; half of ladders lost their functionality; the whole path is dictated by clip brushes and teleports; violet blocks in the wall and the box; big delay for blocks into the building. In general, famouse tricks and jumps inside houses is a very good idea to remake hns map
malaysia_lava_bh - poorly structured for such a short map; half of the rooms are just blocks copypaste along wall or in a row
skariz_brainhard4, skariz_brainhard5, skariz_brainhard6, skariz_brainhard7, skariz_brainhard8, skariz_brainhard9 - should be a composition of puzzles, but in reality it's just hidden teleports, unobvious triggers and other dubious attributes of kz, that shoud be avoided; design of rooms is either incoherent or filled with random pictures
sb_speedvalley_h - you can assume from the name that it's hard version of sb_speedvalley, but actually it's just a cut-off; at that for some reason rope was stretched in another way that led to making it func_illusionary to avoid sc; also for no apparent reason a few blocks near the finish were made func_illusionary as well
just_firstclimb - poorly structured and designed; texture pick; texture conflicts; bad brushes docking ; clip brushes blocking sc; teleports among rooms without visual representation; high difficulty imbalance; one cannot escape the room with timer in case of fail
muj_floppytown_x - too short; path is entirely dictated by clip brushes and teleports
jiu_brainhard - same as skariz_brainhard series
jiu_spikes - poorly structured for such a short map: the whole beginning is just running; one cannot return to start from finish by map means
gbc_hb_vitinho - bunch of lj and bhop-lj blocks

[CS16] Release #98 - 28 new records

Posted by Russian Federation Kpoluk 24 Sep in 19:45

Russian Federation chorogons

ivns_arcadium done in 02:07.22 WR! 1 place 60 MP Watch
kztw_X-Ray done in 01:51.34 WR! 1 place 60 MP Watch
trC_mycraft_bhopalley_trC done in 01:51.84 (01:55.85 Venezuela SENKAY) 1 place 30 MP Watch

Norway Creep

ins_ancientbhop done in 00:52.06 WR! (00:52.77 Norway Creep) 1 place 30 MP Watch
kzra_speedclimb done in 02:08.65 WR! (02:09.56 Norway Creep) 1 place 30 MP Watch

Russian Federation flajok

kzra_suhubhop done in 01:31.12 (01:34.76 Russian Federation jocelynflores) 1 place 30 MP Watch
trC_climbgarden2 done in 02:07.09 (02:12.12 Russian Federation ScrAw) 1 place 30 MP Watch

Russian Federation GoDfreee

ccn_abysm2 done in 03:22.74 WR! 1 place 60 MP Watch
holy_lame done in 06:26.12 (06:30.86 Russian Federation Elgoog) 1 place 1 MP Watch
kz_aggressive done in 07:38.29 WR! (10:08.53 Russian Federation GoDfreee) 1 place 30 MP Watch
kz_kzsca_oasis done in 03:19.07 (03:33.88 Russian Federation rze) 1 place 30 MP Watch
kzsca_burrow[grass_rocks] done in 05:32.46 1 place 30 MP Watch
kzsca_dawn done in 03:31.28 WR! (03:53.10 Russian Federation GoDfreee) 1 place 30 MP Watch
mad_tomb done in 02:28.40 WR! (02:57.65 Argentina rawe) 1 place 31 MP Watch
qsk_grayish done in 00:46.21 WR! 1 place 60 MP Watch

Russian Federation jocelynflores

fs_slide_big done in 03:36.46 (04:12.39 Russian Federation DINO) 1 place 30 MP Watch
slide_colors done in 03:11.62 (03:22.33 Japan Kalashnikov) 1 place 30 MP Watch
slide_dyd_dydanhomon done in 03:37.69 (03:57.11 Russian Federation Elgoog) 1 place 30 MP Watch
slide_kzra_redbricks done in 01:09.84 (01:25.79 Russian Federation jocelynflores) 1 place 0 MP Watch
slide_rxj_pip done in 00:38.53 (00:38.98 Russian Federation DINO) 1 place 30 MP Watch

Serbia LLazar

slide_kzra_redbricks done in 01:23.62 (01:25.79 Russian Federation jocelynflores) 2 place 0 MP Watch

Serbia promax

kzarg_ih_sandhop done in 01:15.92 WR! (01:21.19 Israel kappA_^) 1 place 60 MP Watch
kzfr_speed_bhopbloc_h done in 02:05.57 WR! (02:21.57 Japan Kalashnikov) 1 place 60 MP Watch

Argentina rawe

kzray_extremebhop done in 49:57.87 1 place 30 MP
super_smk_block done in 03:16.92 WR! (03:46.58 Russian Federation erdik) 1 place 60 MP Watch

Peru spwkzpe

kztw_VERTeX done in 01:52.10 1 place 30 MP Watch

Russian Federation WhereIsMyPanda

kz_faw_cathedral_h done in 02:01.96 1 place 30 MP Watch
kz_kzhu_jail done in 02:02.75 1 place 30 MP Watch
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Rejected demos - wrong route - +hook
Deleted demos
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