Kreedz Jumping

Game mode when you racing with other players to finish a maps as fast as possible. Its comes from Counter-Strike 1.6 and was named in honor of creator
Our community will help you with passing the maps with your friends, set new records, participate and win in tournaments.

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[CS16] Release #294 - 22 new records + 2 Community maps

Posted by Kpoluk 21 Jan in 17:20
We are adding two new community maps. The first map is mb_moon from MAM6A. The already familiar style of the mapper is brought to the theme of the lunar mission, and this time the emphasis is on a large number of gravity boosts, cleverly built into the classic climb, bhop and slide elements. The estimated difficulty is hard-extreme, so the map will be accessible to a large number of players.

Another nove is hb_187 from inactive. The mapper has significantly increased its level by providing in advance a sufficient number of safe blocks and teleports. This requirement, which was previously a recommendation, significantly helps those who like to record demos on hard maps, thereby extending the work of the mapper from the “server only” category.

Both mappers fixed every issue given in comments by abubas, TyIIIkA, hfour and me. Thanks to the map checkers for their work. Enjoy the game!


gbc_script_destroman done in 05:30.56 WR! (06:20.29 topoviygus) 1 place 31 Exp
hama_timberbhop done in 04:03.36 WR! (04:19.79 all1aNcE) 1 place 30 Exp
kzarg_lostrome done in 03:04.57 WR! (03:12.07 ShoCk) 1 place 60 Exp


bhop_mann done in 02:09.82 (01:48.84 Juby) 6 place 25 Exp


cray_tunku_fast done in 01:22.17 WR! (01:30.79 sonyamarmeladova) 1 place 60 Exp
ih_cbbleblock done in 02:12.29 WR! (02:15.91 all1aNcE) 1 place 31 Exp
kzra_cubefun done in 04:17.46 WR! (04:28.72 colcolx) 1 place 30 Exp
nw_complex done in 01:16.81 WR! (01:28.01 jabroni) 1 place 60 Exp
skz_coldjump done in 01:15.43 WR! (01:28.18 bvbvbvbv) 1 place 60 Exp


notkz_colors done in 04:54.01 (05:40.94 avivVv) 1 place 30 Exp


cg_beginnercave done in 02:00.51 WR! (02:01.70 colcolx) 1 place 60 Exp


cray_tunku_fast done in 01:29.13 (01:30.79 sonyamarmeladova) 2 place 0 Exp
dyd_snow2024 done in 07:29.16 WR! 1 place 60 Exp
enf_borealis done in 01:31.73 WR! (01:40.50 Excommunicado) 1 place 60 Exp
hb_Bandi done in 02:11.78 WR! (02:12.98 WhiteClaw) 1 place 50 Exp
kzcn_oasis_fix done in 04:56.41 WR! 1 place 60 Exp


hfr_bliss done in 13:25.72 WR! 1 place 60 Exp


hb_Ruan_Sweet done in 01:56.20 (01:36.18 Lifestealer+) 2 place 29 Exp


hb_Ruan_Sweet done in 01:56.49 (01:36.18 Lifestealer+) 3 place 28 Exp
nonkz_tkz_swift done in 02:07.38 (01:40.41 colcolx) 2 place 29 Exp


slide_lws_giantramp_ez done in 01:22.94 (01:24.50 Silk_Road) 1 place 20 Exp


cg_d2block_h done in 08:01.87 WR! (08:55.30 paslalala) 1 place 31 Exp
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Deleted demos

[CS16] Release #293 - ShoCk demos + Prizes for mappers

Posted by Kpoluk 14 Jan in 10:43
Based on the voting results of the winter map competition we are giving out the following prizes:

hfr_bliss by hfour +6000 rubles
rush_tausamal3 by edZika and Counterparts +5000 rubles
dyd_snow2024 by dydka +4000 rubles
v4r_sneg by V4R10L4V3R4 +3000 rubles
enf_borealis by lesEnfer +2000 rubles
sl_xmas by Sly +1000 rubles

We thank mappers for their work once again. By the way on 13th of January rush_tausamal3 was updated (some cosmetic changes).


bkm_tbt_LondonStation[full] done in 02:00.01 (02:11.77 additional) 1 place 30 Exp
bkz_dqvolski_most done in 01:42.41 WR! (01:59.75 Nucleo-Gamers) 1 place 60 Exp
bkz_pyramidblock done in 03:36.71 (04:29.94 mujik) 1 place 30 Exp
clintmo_dday done in 02:22.65 (02:33.39 rawe) 1 place 30 Exp
fu_bhop done in 02:24.13 WR! (02:37.89 WhereIsMyPanda) 1 place 60 Exp
fu_evening done in 04:54.77 (05:08.33 Creep) 1 place 30 Exp
fu_plainhop2 done in 04:14.76 (05:06.29 akkuratist) 1 place 30 Exp
fu_replayhop done in 03:51.13 (06:33.17 tHEYAMBO) 1 place 30 Exp
kz_goldwood done in 02:35.00 (02:53.34 GoDfreee) 1 place 30 Exp
kz_lain_h done in 06:46.32 1 place 30 Exp
kz_machupicchu done in 03:34.22 1 place 30 Exp
kz_xj_3ways[easy] done in 04:47.30 1 place 30 Exp
kzro_excitedbhop done in 05:49.48 (10:24.86 kennynext) 1 place 30 Exp
kzru_spacehop done in 04:16.38 WR! (04:16.94 Toff1fee) 1 place 60 Exp
kzse_valleycliff done in 02:26.38 WR! (02:50.25 rawe) 1 place 60 Exp
prochallenge_speed done in 02:26.23 (03:02.63 seniug) 1 place 30 Exp
prochallenge2_bhop_hard done in 04:32.95 (04:38.29 round) 1 place 30 Exp
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Also ShoCk spends 1600 Points to upload 8 demos recorded before 2016:


8b1_hellinashop done in 02:15.51 (02:19.79 rawe) 1 place 30 Exp
kz_ea_dam done in 02:47.90 (02:53.87 rawe) 1 place 30 Exp
kz_highlands done in 03:49.24 1 place 30 Exp
kz_luonto done in 03:23.79 WR! (03:35.37 GoDfreee) 1 place 60 Exp
kz_memphisblock done in 05:11.44 (05:48.15 famch) 1 place 30 Exp
kzarg_lostrome done in 03:12.07 (03:17.20 GoDfreee) 1 place 30 Exp
kzie_bunnyheaven done in 04:44.66 1 place 30 Exp
mto_greencave done in 02:35.08 (02:49.52 MEEL) 1 place 30 Exp

[CS16] Release #291 - 27 new records + Community map + Duels

Posted by Kpoluk 7 Jan in 20:10
The holidays turned out to be productive, so today there will be four topics. The first is a new community map abu_hb_lampoviyasd from abubas. The retrowave atmosphere is almost perfectly recreated in several complex bhop sections, ending with a climb room. The relief on the sides seems to come to life and continuously changes its shape. Magic, no less!

Secondly, duel mechanics have been added to the servers. You can challenge for a duel in the menu /duel. At that you can call the opponent only if he does not pass the map at the moment, and you yourself must be alive, since the server should check what weapon you have in your hands, as well as what airaccelerate is selected. For example, in this screenshot I see that I can send a request for a duel to one of two players, and the duel will be on famas (I hold it in my hands thanks to the command /famas), on 100aa (I set it through the command /aa), with checkpoints allowed (this is set right here in the seventh menu item):

The eighth point allows you to prohibit calling yourself to a duel (this setting is automatically saved in the database along with other settings). Please note that in a duel you cannot pause, noclip, or go to specs. So before you start, make sure you finish before the map changes. You can leave the duel either by leaving the server, or by doing /save, or by resetting the timer via /reset. In this case, the remaining player can complete the map and see a message in the chat about his victory.

Duels are still in test mode, so we are not giving separate rewards for them at the moment. We could, for example, give out Points (not to be confused with Exp), but it’s not entirely clear how to protect duels from farming. Suggest your ideas in the comments, and be sure to PM me if you find any bug.

The third update is timeout for rtv. We have repeatedly received complaints that a group of players are entering the server, whose goal is to change the map using rtv in order to prevent player currently passing the map from finishing. In this regard, a player who has entered the server will not be able to immediately use rtv if there is at least one player on the server who passes the map and is not AFK (at the same time, players with a running timer now become AFK not after 3 minutes of inactivity, but after 45 seconds). This delay (timeout) is greater the later the player enters the map, but does not exceed a certain limit. For easy maps this limit is 6 minutes, for each next difficulty the limit is one minute more. That is, if I went to an extreme map 20 minutes after it started, and someone passes it, then I will not be able to use rtv for 12 minutes. Of course, if this someone finishes the map or writes rtv himself, then rtv will immediately become available to me.

And the last update for today concerned skill rating. In the calculations, we already took into account the map difficulty, and the difference between player's record and the world record or the best time on the map (whichever is faster), and we eliminated some of the records so that the rating would not be affected by runs made by the player clearly carelessly (it happens when the map was not good enough, and the player has no desire to improve his time on it). After receiving comments, we not only improved the sifting algorithm by using the calculation of the standard deviation in it, but were also able to take into account the number of player records, so that those who have a couple of dozen good records do not bypass those who have way more good records, but also have some worse records . You can see the result for yourself. The only thing that cannot be taken into account in such a rating is a correct comparison of a player who has many top1 records on easy maps and a player who has many top1 records on difficult maps. In this regard, if you consider it necessary, lxr can, in addition to the existing one, create two more ratings, with easy and difficult maps, respectively. Write what you think about what we did.


er92_miya done in 01:57.37 1 place 30 Exp


cg_beginnercave done in 02:01.70 WR! (02:03.78 colcolx) 1 place 30 Exp
cobkz_rush_race done in 01:26.20 WR! (01:29.44 pepi) 1 place 31 Exp
kzarg_escape_city done in 01:59.45 WR! (02:13.14 colcolx) 1 place 30 Exp
kzra_greencave done in 01:31.67 WR! (01:36.07 colcolx) 1 place 30 Exp
kzra_worlds done in 02:14.26 WR! (02:26.97 WhereIsMyPanda) 1 place 60 Exp
nk_tierrablock2 done in 01:20.24 WR! (01:30.06 famch) 1 place 60 Exp


sl_toon done in 02:03.08 WR! (02:13.22 inactive) 1 place 60 Exp


enf_borealis done in 01:40.50 WR! 1 place 60 Exp


bhop_dustzone done in 03:10.90 WR! (03:32.32 silentq) 1 place 60 Exp
etl_spacebhop done in 03:57.77 WR! (03:58.93 colcolx) 1 place 31 Exp


5oXen_vvn1ght_v24 done in 04:04.52 WR! 1 place 60 Exp
hkz_chas done in 01:16.08 WR! (02:31.45 Hong10) 1 place 60 Exp


kzcn_thy_ezblock done in 02:20.86 1 place 30 Exp


abu_hb_hamma done in 01:30.79 WR! (01:38.55 Kris) 1 place 60 Exp
hb_babe done in 03:15.74 WR! 1 place 60 Exp


cray_tunku_fast done in 01:30.79 WR! (01:31.26 inactive) 1 place 31 Exp


5oXen_hb_DCJ210 done in 04:47.55 1 place 30 Exp
5oXen_vvn1ght_v24 done in 05:37.00 2 place 29 Exp
5oXen_vvn1ght_v25 done in 02:49.85 WR! 1 place 60 Exp
5oXen_vvn1ght_v8 done in 05:41.58 WR! 1 place 60 Exp
fly_bhop_worms done in 02:17.79 WR! 1 place 60 Exp
kzra_shortclimb done in 03:59.17 (03:03.91 Kris) 2 place 29 Exp
kzra_voovblock done in 04:19.94 WR! 1 place 60 Exp
kzzNk_govs done in 03:16.09 WR! 1 place 60 Exp
malle_forest done in 03:08.91 WR! 1 place 60 Exp
sl_toon done in 02:45.45 (02:13.22 inactive) 3 place 28 Exp
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Deleted demos

[CS16] Release #290 - 28 new records + New community maps + New year!

Posted by Kpoluk 31 Dec 2023 in 13:33
So, it's time to take stock of 2023. It turned out to be rich in both content and events in general. In the spring, problems arose with the Xtreme-Jumps and Cosy-Climbing sites, and this negatively affected activity in kreedz as a whole. The Baltic community announced in November that it would be closing next year, Chinese since June have actually only been adding maps, although there is still a considerable audience there, judging by the stream's online of recent cups. We were left alone from the international communities for some time, fortunately Cosy has already returned, albeit in a less active state than before, and XJ should be revived soon.

Despite all this, we didn’t give up our work; during this year, in addition to the releases, news about new maps and lan pack updates, we created a full-fledged 100aa server, which is now connected to the general rating, the servers completely switched to Steam, and at the end of the year we held 4 tournaments in a row. Of course, this became possible thanks primarily to koala, who spent an unprecedented amount of money on prizes. Although kreedz is traditionally more about enthusiasm, it is pleasant to note that the participants, our wonderful commentator MEDVDED_EBUN, lxr and I received payments (the total amounted to almost 3.5 thousand dollars). At the same time, 60 thousand rubles came from dislike, and we will definitely use this money next year, as well as funds from other donators.

Now let’s take a break from the retrospective for a moment and look at the main menu of the site. Notice anything new? Yep, new pages have appeared in it! I have already written about some of them during the year (rules, movies, tutorial), but besides them, in the rating section there is a list of players distributed by their skill level. We touched on this topic during the streams, and after that I received a personal message with a proposal describing a similar system. But the point here is that it has existed almost since the first year of foundation, but we have been hiding it all this time, linking the points not to it, but to the scheme familiar to all of you. We did this in order to encourage those who were demotivated by the too high level of top players, which seems unrealistic for a beginner to reach. I think we were able to squeeze a lot out of this idea, and we will continue to stick to it, leaving the skill rating as background information, and we will reveal its work later only in general terms.

And finally about the maps. The number of community maps accepted this year has broken all records, and as a New Year's gift, our mappers are giving us 6 more new winter-themed maps:

All of them were made as a part of the winter map competition, and we would like to reward mappers with prizes, so we invite you to vote for your favorite maps right here, in the comments below the news. Write three maps that you liked more than others, and after two weeks we will count the votes (each mention of a map = 1 vote). Don’t worry, there are no maps higher than hard here, so you will be able to evaluate every single one :) Thanks to edZika, hfour and TyIIIkA for carefully checking the maps, their work is worthy of sincere praise!

I don’t dare distract you any longer from your rest and holiday table. Next year, I wish you to properly distribute your energy and enjoy both kreedz and life in general. On behalf of the entire team, I wish everyone Happy New Year!


bhop_avantura done in 01:13.61 (01:11.53 Juby) 4 place 27 Exp
fof_chillbhop done in 01:04.69 (01:02.35 6dAs) 5 place 26 Exp
k_ice done in 02:22.55 (02:09.53 Creep) 2 place 29 Exp
kzpl_christmasmission done in 00:46.15 (00:43.27 seniug) 2 place 29 Exp
zr_hetablock[hard] done in 01:31.69 1 place 30 Exp


ih_cbbleblock done in 02:15.91 WR! (02:24.90 colcolx) 1 place 50 Exp
kzcn_hopdown done in 02:21.95 WR! (02:25.39 Dolphin) 1 place 50 Exp
mad_bhopit done in 02:59.17 WR! (03:25.06 Creep) 1 place 50 Exp


bhop_avantura done in 01:20.04 (01:11.53 Juby) 16 place 16 Exp
dumbleblock done in 02:11.07 (01:44.98 HaMMa) 2 place 29 Exp
hb_dropzone2 done in 02:59.18 (02:27.87 brokoly) 11 place 20 Exp
kz_anubis done in 03:03.68 (02:34.71 all1aNcE) 12 place 19 Exp
kzra_bhopmemories done in 02:51.04 (02:01.15 Toff1fee) 4 place 27 Exp


hkz_chas done in 02:31.45 WR! 1 place 60 Exp
kzzNk_snow done in 02:55.84 WR! 1 place 60 Exp


cray_tunku_fast done in 01:31.26 WR! (01:33.74 inactive) 1 place 20 Exp
sl_hb_Mrazota done in 02:59.42 WR! 1 place 60 Exp
sl_hb_siNtez done in 03:40.33 WR! (03:45.38 Marusya) 1 place 60 Exp
sl_toon done in 02:13.22 WR! 1 place 50 Exp


abu_hb_hamma done in 01:38.55 WR! 1 place 60 Exp
kzra_shortclimb done in 03:03.91 WR! 1 place 60 Exp
kzsca_we_cliff done in 01:19.11 (01:18.81 colcolx) 2 place 0 Exp


5oXen_minipit done in 02:40.51 WR! (02:49.45 mad) 1 place 30 Exp
abu_bhop done in 03:25.38 WR! (04:43.93 Creep) 1 place 60 Exp


bhop_halloween16 done in 00:45.08 WR! (00:47.06 millyrock) 1 place 20 Exp


cobkz_rush_race done in 01:29.44 WR! (01:30.68 colcolx) 1 place 50 Exp


cray_tunku_fast done in 01:31.76 (01:33.74 inactive) 2 place 29 Exp


nz_stonetown done in 00:48.63 (00:42.65 inspare) 9 place 0 Exp
Rejected demos - +use script - +use script
Deleted demos

P.S. Thanks to skarp for checking the demos!

2 new community maps

Posted by Kpoluk 30 Dec 2023 in 10:35
There is not much time left before the New Year's release, but even during this short weekend the mappers created new content for us, introducing two community maps: hb_babe by CD2333 and abu_hb_hamma by abubas. Around the miniature castle on hb_babe there are cozy houses, between which bhop paths of medium difficulty wind. At the same time, abu_hb_hamma, starting with bhop sections in a rocky fissure covered with greenery, in the depths of the caves turns into slide, and then into small climb stages, ending with an unusually designed final room (it’s difficult to understand from the screenshots, you will understand what I mean when you reach the end). Comments on the maps were given by edZika and abubas, difficulty was tested by hfour and TyIIIkA (if you have problems on the spiral slide on abu_hb_hamma, just try to use the cave wall as an intermediate stage). Enjoy the game everyone!

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