Kreedz Jumping

Game mode when you racing with other players to finish a maps as fast as possible. Its comes from Counter-Strike 1.6 and was named in honor of creator
Our community will help you with passing the maps with your friends, set new records, participate and win in tournaments.

Last server records
Pro Nub

[CS16] Release #86 - 23 new records

Posted by Russian Federation Kpoluk 12 Jun in 08:35


fs_darkside done in 01:33.33 WR! 1 place 60 MP Watch


svn_cosy_cupslide done in 02:01.45 (02:09.77 spwkzpe) 1 place 1 MP Watch


8b1_brickngrass done in 04:29.81 (04:11.05 Toffifee) 2 place 1 MP Watch
dark_ages done in 11:17.90 (11:20.19 GoDfreee) 1 place 30 MP Watch
holy_somethingalamode done in 09:20.98 1 place 30 MP Watch
kzlt_dryhop done in 02:34.91 WR! (02:58.40 Creep) 1 place 30 MP Watch
mls_ljrace done in 05:34.70 (04:18.47 Dolphin) 2 place 2 MP Watch
wnkz_bhop done in 01:43.73 1 place 30 MP Watch


smk_trainstation done in 01:55.31 1 place 30 MP Watch


ad_luhop_h done in 01:54.42 (01:17.32 intrider) 3 place 28 MP Watch
cnd_bairesbhop done in 05:16.36 (02:50.31 rawe) 2 place 29 MP Watch
fu_bawhop done in 08:17.48 (06:53.36 Creep) 2 place 29 MP Watch
kzru_en_monochrome done in 04:02.10 1 place 30 MP Watch


av_degyptianez done in 02:39.34 (02:40.00 promax) 1 place 0 MP Watch


kzcn_synergy_h done in 00:31.98 (00:32.97 kennynext) 1 place 30 MP Watch
kz_facility done in 01:46.79 (01:50.43 rawe) 1 place 0 MP Watch


gayl0rd_bhop done in 02:53.38 (02:24.25 Creep) 3 place 28 MP Watch
jagkz_natal done in 01:27.25 (01:09.71 Dolphin) 6 place 25 MP Watch
kz_cg_venice done in 01:39.30 (01:19.84 Dolphin) 6 place 25 MP Watch
kz_kzlt_femtobhop done in 01:53.36 (01:45.91 rze) 5 place 26 MP Watch
zink_speedblock done in 01:38.33 1 place 30 MP Watch


smk_hb_super done in 02:34.32 1 place 30 MP Watch


mad_metalconstruction done in 00:54.79 WR! (00:57.83 rawe) 1 place 31 MP Watch
Deleted demos

New server MOTD. Shortcuts and Weapon tops

Posted by Russian Federation Kpoluk 10 Jun in 12:54
Hi everyone, release is going to be posted in a few days, and for now we have a wonderful news - lxr has completely redone our server MOTD (in case if someone didn't know, in fact all server tops are the pages of the site). For example, this is how new pro top of dark_ages looks like:

As you can see, now weapons tops are available on servers too. I've also added weapon top menu, plus to this you can open it with /weapontop chat command.

In addition, chat command /sc will show map's shortcuts, which you could see in maps profiles. Here's an example for bkz_dusttemple (legend is written in Russian, but will add English one in the next update):

Note that shortcuts are displayed for current route, so it makes sense to look at the tab Routes, with which you can quickly get into the profiles of other routes of the same map and check if there's any other shortcuts.

Map list became more advanced as well, now you can request a list of maps of specific difficulty for each server:

Also don't forget that we have help page (/help chat command, it'll be updated later too):

Since non-steam players with an old version of Internet Explorer are likely to have problems with new MOTD, we'll show them an old version of tops. Although it was also finalized, so it is possible to see shortcuts and screenshots there.

As for the language in which MOTD is shown - if a player is not registered on the site, we use his IP, however if he's registered (and added his steam account in user profile), we use language that was chosen in profile settings (default is English).

[CS16] Release #85 - 18 new records

Posted by Russian Federation Kpoluk 5 Jun in 16:15


cosy_canyonblock done in 08:21.29 WR! (08:38.36 GoDfreee) 1 place 30 MP Watch
cosy_dustblock done in 09:05.40 WR! 1 place 60 MP Watch
cosy_dusttown done in 06:24.51 WR! (07:29.45 zmokie) 1 place 60 MP Watch
holy_lame done in 07:08.44 (09:11.40 GoDfreee) 1 place 0 MP Watch
kzro_dahnajourney done in 06:56.23 WR! (08:21.15 GoDfreee) 1 place 30 MP Watch
kzua_zp_godroom_h done in 10:58.91 WR! (21:19.04 GoDfreee) 1 place 30 MP Watch
kzua_zp_hamunaptra_x done in 18:51.75 WR! (28:14.85 GoDfreee) 1 place 30 MP Watch
kz_1man_game_ez done in 12:32.71 WR! 1 place 60 MP Watch
kz_bkz_rockblock done in 05:53.61 WR! (09:01.51 GoDfreee) 1 place 30 MP Watch
kz_cg_rats done in 03:01.05 (03:09.64 GoDfreee) 1 place 0 MP Watch
kz_cornsilo done in 04:08.11 1 place 30 MP Watch
kz_dirtblock done in 07:05.49 WR! (07:11.52 GoDfreee) 1 place 30 MP Watch
kz_dirtblock_hard done in 08:42.37 WR! (09:00.06 GoDfreee) 1 place 30 MP Watch
kz_ea_spiral done in 05:40.94 WR! (05:56.33 GoDfreee) 1 place 30 MP Watch
kz_goldwood done in 02:53.34 (02:57.69 intrider) 1 place 1 MP Watch
kz_pit done in 05:08.58 WR! (05:20.97 GoDfreee) 1 place 30 MP Watch
kz_sandblock2 done in 10:54.95 (11:37.68 GoDfreee) 1 place 0 MP Watch
kz_world done in 20:01.60 WR! (25:10.42 Qicg) 1 place 60 MP Watch
Deleted demos

Добавляем карты / Adding maps

Posted by Russian Federation Kpoluk 3 Jun in 13:48
This time there were more than 100 maps under consideration, and more than half of them did not pass, although the requirements for old maps are not too high. As before, we will try to briefly outline the main mistakes, since visual examples can be very useful for beginner mappers. Since now we have three servers, the maps are divided into three groups, although a couple of them are not suitable for the server and are only available for recording demos on the site.

We do not hurry to add the last maps from Cosy, because there could be found some serious shortcuts, which will greatly affect the length. And of the old maps there are 885 in the queue, so you will see a lot of similar news in future :)

Extreme map:

Hard map:

fs_darkside - no hp booster
ul_spring - some stages have texrure conflicts

Easy maps:

1324_hellhouse - texrure conflicts on bhop
fs_metalblock - poorly designed
smk_kzsca_adventure - clip brushes blocking sc
smk_warehouse - no booster
smk_zink_reunion2016 - no booster, making large illusionary boulder on bhop stages is not a good idea
sp_dustvillage[-md] - a lot of blocks could be skipped with easy sc; map is not for the servers due to miniroute
speed_ytt_abstract_v2 - ugly block's length sign, wherein further blocks are not signed for some reason
stb_unreal - no booster, planning flaw: one cannot back to start from finish by map means
suk_desertblock - clip brushes blocking sc, while path for edegbug/jumpbug sc is opened
super_mountainlife - block's form at the end of the map is different from block appearance, so it's not clear where to jump; the rocks are badly docked
sxj_challenge_sewerescape - planning flaw: one cannot back to start from finish by map means
sxj_winterclimb - texture conflict on finish timer
tc_duskblock - texture conflicts on climb, planning flaws: one cannot back to start from finish or leave secret room by map means
tisha_parquetblock - small unnecessary clip brush blocks the path that is even slower
tisha_woodland - poor planning of some sections, one of the stages is just a duckbhop around the perimeter
trC_climbgarden2 - clip brushes blocking sc
trC_equilotica - for LAN only
trC_mycraft_bhopalley_trC - archive was called trC_mycraft_bhopvalley_trC, so I had to rename it (so you won't see wr in map profile)
uq_goldscare - planning flaw: one cannot back to start from finish by map means
uq_militias - clip brushes blocking sc, difficulty varies greatly, some bhop blocks are desinged the same way as common ones
vektor_longhole - planning flaw: one cannot back to start from finish by map means
vkr_uncomfortable - planning flaw: one cannot back to start from finish by map means
water_jump_v2 - no booster
wps_block_ez - difficulty imbalance (from easy to average)
ytt_lavacave - the very first block is not docked with a wall, the pick of textures raises questions here and there
ytt_ruins - utter chaos in map's archive, I had to sort everything using .res file
zink_climbday - planning flaw: one can see NULL textures of higher levels
zink_speedblock - no booster
zr_icecave - texture conflict

Rejected maps:

2Bbhop - texture conflicts, poorly designed
fcz_tundra - random texture pick, difficulty imbalance, texture confilcts on all bhops, teleports are turned around
fkzj_iblock - a copy of mst_iblock, at that worse desinged
fox_wjvalley - just a bunch of wjs
frigidez - fps issues cause of lighting
fs_easyblock - poorly structured, no booster
fs_greenzone - one-textrue-desing
fs_oldproject - respawn of player's model in the floor
fs_streetjump - a few jumps and running in a straight line
fs_waterjump - poorly structured and doubtful texture pick
HDem_myNata - unarticulated textures pick, too many themes are piled on such a small map
HDem_myNata_H - one can stuck in blocks while passing (inaccurate mapping)
hfr_blur - we've already accepted hfr_blur_rmk
hfr_cancer - set of uncomfortable jumps, separated by partitions with a few textures
hfr_hb_ideclareWAR - anime (blocks are placed at random, сonsequently difficulty imbalance; too high teleports, poorly structured)
kzra_5_ways[257-272] - bunch of ljs
smk_bounce_city - random textures pick, difficutly imbalance
smk_kzsca_blocking - poorly designed, difficulty imbalance, blocks copypaste
smk_kzsca_bluedale - poorly designed and structured, imbalance jump at the end
smk_kzsca_cityblock - poorly designed, repetitive jumps
smk_kzsca_grunge - poorly planned for such a length
smk_kzsca_oldschool - poorly designed, repetitive jumps
smk_octagon_vs_zink - mapper randomly colored a few stages in jest, ruining the design with his own hands
street - planning flaw: one can see NULL textures of external walls, a few dozens of blocks are redundant, jumps are monotonous, sharp background sound is looped
srg_runstages - just a bunch of ljs, the scope is not correctly clipped
srg_xfinity - textures are badly matched; texture confilcts on bhops; clip brushes blocking scs, light sources are not decorated
srg_xfinity_h - same as srg_xfinity
stay_2011_kz - poorly planned and designed
stay_2011_lj - just a bunch of ljs
stay_2012_kz - the first half is covered with one texture; poorly structured, texture conflicts
stay_2013_kz - planning flaws: a lot of clip brushes blocking scs, and despite hp booster's absent half of the map is skipped with a few scs
stk_tinyblock - the scope is not correctly clipped, one-texture-desing
sx_lumberjack - fps issues (shimmering fire)
threat_critical - poorly planned (blocks copypaste), texture confilcts, texture pick
tirion_tower - huge texture hole
tkz_black_or_yellow - design: too much contrast, it is difficult to navigate because of the total blackness, from below you can not see the blocks
tnp_rockbhop - texture selection, all nonvertical surfaces (bhop, non-bhop and everything else) are covered with the same texture, texture conflicts on the sides of bhop blocks
tnpc_dontfall - awful texture selection, teleport near the finish to the very start
trC_cursed_route - a hard map bid, at that texture conflicts are here and there, doubtful texture pick, а few timers make harsh demands, there are teleports to the very start through the whole map; by the way you can impress yourself with nike's run here
trC_route37 - easy version of trC_cursed_route
tx_catacombs - one-texture-design
tx_majestic - ugly not compatible with the rest of the design last room (we forgave hard version of the map, but not this one)
tx_neonblock - poorly planned; interesting name for the map that hasn't any neon on it
tz_xen - poorly designed, some brushes are badly docked, finish button could be pressed through the floor, no booster, sharp background sound is looped, black block (misdirected normals)
ugly_fastclimb - poorly structured (the same repetitive jumps)
uNKm_bhop_easy - poorly planned
uubhop - poorly structured and designed
vektor_stoneandmountains - fps issues, poorly designed, the scope is not correctly clipped
viz_ferreira - the whole first stage is easily skipped, severe difficulty imbalance, clip brushes blocking sc
vLy_255x5 - just a bunch of ljs
vLy_stairsblock2 - planning flaw: one can see NULL textures above the start tunnel
wps_aztec - poorly planned
wsp_enclosure - poorly planned and designed
xjbg_hillhop_b33 - poorly structured and designed
xjbg_summermountain - poorly planned and designed, texture confilcts
xm_desertclimb - one-texture-desing
XMG_MoTianLun - labyrinth with a Ferris wheel, texture conflicts and partially censured Kamasutra pictures; labyrinths itself are quite disputable things, you find a way, remember it and then it turns into just a 20-seconds running.
xyy_hardzone - poorly planned, teleports are not separated from the start zone, the complexity is achieved by means of lj blocks, the last room is entire copypaste
zink_boxstyle - poorly structured
zink_longspeed - poorly planned, clip brushes blocking sc, sudden and not decorated teleports, texture conflicts
zink_speedbhop - the scope is not correctly clipped, planning flaw (sc round the top), ugly block signatures
zs_60units - poorly planned for such a length

[CS16] Release #84 - 18 new records

Posted by Russian Federation Kpoluk 31 May in 18:44


dyd_bhop done in 30:30.22 (05:20.94 round) 4 place 27 MP
gayl0rd_bhop done in 02:24.25 (02:34.81 sANy0k) 1 place 1 MP Watch
j2s_4tunnels done in 03:35.29 (03:38.13 korban) 1 place 2 MP Watch
jkee_egyptbhop_ez done in 01:48.39 (01:52.35 kennynext) 1 place 30 MP Watch
kzarg_infinitefall done in 02:21.63 (02:03.06 GoDfreee) 4 place 0 MP Watch
mls_ljrace done in 11:11.67 (04:18.47 Dolphin) 4 place 27 MP Watch
rvp_tundra-bhop done in 01:50.42 (01:51.02 Creep) 1 place 0 MP Watch


bhop_ytt_egypt done in 06:06.87 (03:28.72 Creep) 3 place 28 MP Watch
jkee_egyptbhop_ez done in 07:06.61 (01:52.35 kennynext) 4 place 27 MP Watch
kzru_pharaonrun done in 02:17.00 (01:37.52 promax) 9 place 0 MP Watch
kz_halicarnassus done in 03:01.88 (03:06.70 RoN`) 1 place 1 MP Watch
mls_ljrace done in 06:32.78 (04:18.47 Dolphin) 3 place 0 MP Watch


kzpf_bhop done in 01:31.35 WR! (01:32.03 promax) 1 place 30 MP Watch


kz_facility done in 01:50.43 (01:54.14 sunman) 1 place 30 MP Watch
kz_wsp_marioland done in 03:53.53 WR! (04:13.95 mujik) 1 place 60 MP Watch
mad_metalconstruction done in 00:57.83 WR! (00:58.31 Xednay) 1 place 60 MP Watch


av_degyptianez done in 03:22.39 (02:40.00 promax) 6 place 25 MP Watch
svn_cosy_cupslide done in 02:09.77 (02:15.07 c0c0n) 1 place 30 MP Watch
Rejected demos - +use script - +use script - +use script - +use script
Deleted demos
P.S. SLeepLess please, read our rules page carefully, there is a lot of important information: Rules. We hope to see your demos again with even better times!
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