Kreedz Jumping

Game mode when you racing with other players to finish a maps as fast as possible. Its comes from Counter-Strike 1.6 and was named in honor of creator
Our community will help you with passing the maps with your friends, set new records, participate and win in tournaments.

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Adding maps

Posted by Kpoluk 14 Aug in 16:19
New maps from last XJ and Cosy releases have been added. This time incredible productivity was shown by chorykapitan whose maps are mostly average-hard or closer to hard, and at the same time quite long. That's a rare thing you see in kz. Also pay attention to kz_kzfr_SpaceMemory_ez, it's actually a fixed version of kzfr_fantasy_ez where one imbalanced jump was finally edited.

The maps were added to the site and servers. By the way cp bots were added to servers as well, including bots created from some demos of the last release.

Extreme maps

Hard maps

Average maps

[CS16] Checkpoints release

Posted by Kpoluk 30 Jul in 17:35

Thanks to skarp for checking the demos!


all1_unusually_x_fix[mpbhop] done in 26:00.50 (480 CP, 758 GC) (70:24.11 all1aNcE) 1 place
hb_lrs done in 17:25.10 (548 CP, 334 GC) (24:14.60 throttle) 1 place
hb_lrs2_beta[mpbhop] done in 41:39.99 (1041 CP, 1063 GC) 1 place
kzro_brick1337 done in 09:38.31 (337 CP, 166 GC) (11:38.24 inspare) 1 place
vLy_nantu_d done in 55:44.29 (898 CP, 1915 GC) (87:15.78 PMSA) 2 place


abu_hb_all1aNce done in 04:49.85 (72 CP, 60 GC) 1 place
fu_insane done in 04:53.79 (95 CP, 114 GC) (05:25.66 topoviygus) 1 place
gbc_script_x[mpbhop] done in 18:47.11 (346 CP, 410 GC) (19:46.78 Aye) 1 place
hb_sunako done in 05:51.56 (108 CP, 96 GC) (06:01.59 nike) 1 place
kzlu_lunatiBhop[mpbhop] done in 05:58.59 (82 CP, 54 GC) (06:01.59 Dekker) 1 place
kzlu_playboybhop_h[mpbhop] done in 00:50.76 (18 CP, 9 GC) (01:12.27 hfour) 1 place


vLy_nantu_d done in 39:32.92 (616 CP, 1170 GC) (87:15.78 PMSA) 1 place


hb_YRagoN92 done in 02:57.37 (49 CP, 24 GC) (03:25.00 nike) 1 place
mb_sketchy done in 05:15.97 (68 CP, 46 GC) (07:27.81 klinch) 1 place


mb_sketchy done in 07:26.62 (194 CP, 88 GC) (07:27.81 klinch) 2 place


chip_bhopnoob_x[mpbhop] done in 11:45.55 (227 CP, 211 GC) (06:08.04 inspare) 3 place


ins_x[mpbhop] done in 02:39.03 (42 CP, 51 GC) (03:36.96 McCormick) 1 place
JKR_zuodiebl0ck_v3 done in 09:17.10 (152 CP, 223 GC) (09:20.20 sekai) 1 place
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Deleted demos

[CS16] Offline tournament #25 - 5 demos

Posted by Kpoluk 23 Jul in 14:44
Tournament results:

1 place - dropzone (60 Exp) 4 weeks of VIP3
2 place - Juby (29 Exp) 3 weeks of VIP3
3 place - FaL (28 Exp) 2 weeks of VIP3
4 place - SlasHeR (27 Exp) already has VIP4
5 place - ArvInD (26 Exp) already has VIP4


dropzone done in 03:33.79 WR! 1 place 60 Exp
Juby done in 03:39.20 2 place 29 Exp
FaL done in 03:43.60 3 place 28 Exp
SlasHeR done in 03:45.58 4 place 27 Exp
ArvInD done in 03:59.93 5 place 26 Exp
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The map for this tournament wasn't that short, hence there are not so many demos this time. But all of recorded players have shown decent results and worthily get their VIPs. The rest are welcome next time, maybe I'll try something as well.

Meanwhile I've made a little lan server update up to version 4.12:

  • Menu /ent receives new item Print entity info in console, that reveales for you properties of chosen entity (recall that you can choose a specific entity in Aim and Shoot and Touch modes). Also you can do it with chat command /entinfo (or /fullentinfo for a complete properties list). If no entity is chosen, command prints properties of worldspawn.
  • The very first jump after round restart is not counted as failed anymore, thanks to zyllEE for report.
  • Lan is working on linux, thanks to R3AL for his help with testing.
  • Menus won't break with cl_filterstuffcmd 1.

Offline Tournament #25

Posted by Kpoluk 10 Jul in 17:50
We continue the series of Offline Tournaments, and our map upload has exactly what we need for a new tournament. It's a new community map malle_hb_mls_hb_malle by Malle and mls. The map contains climb sections connected structurally and at the same time through a system of teleports. Difficulty is easy-average. All demo recording rules apply. Rating is formed by Exp, showpre will lead to a penalization. All participants receive VIPs and site icons (recall that we cannot pay you anymore, moreover we have serious problems with payment for European server right now). The last day when upload is still opened is July, 17.

Also three more maps of an average difficulty were added to the site and servers: km_oldmine, ty_ccr and ty_panelwood.

By the way during these days I'm uploading server updates concerning server bot. Lan server was untied from using bot files from our ftp and migrated to downloading from xj and cosy directly, and now it's servers' turn. Thanks to Polarhigh who updated his module AmxxEasyHttp and moreover helped me with compiling unarchiving module so it has no problems with library versions anymore. I've spent a month on this theme, but now I don't have to manually update bot files. Of course if archive has wrong name bot won't show on servers, and on lan you'll have to download archive, unpack it into cstrike folder and create bot with /bot menu. Records with checkpoints will be added to the servers later, while on lan once again you can create them yourself.

That's it, good luck in the tournament!

[CS16] Release #255 - 37 new records

Posted by lxr 19 Jun in 13:43
A few words from Kpoluk: Along with demo release we'll add two new community maps and a some others. hb_dilo2 and its easier version hb_dilo2_ez were made by alei and present climb stages connected with bhops and slides. Mapper reworked these maps to avoid skips, thanks to MEDVDED_EBUN for finding them. Nevetheless hb_dilo2 is too hard for me, so I'll mark it as death for now, but feel free to leave comments with your own rate. Enjoy the game!

And here's the full list of examined maps:

Extreme maps

Hard maps

Average maps
c21_malle_1 - same stage as on malle_hb_bigboobz
hb_Bandi - no hp booster
tig_greenjumps - no hp booster
tig_mysadness - NULL texture visible from high blocks and with hook; no hp booster

Won't be added
ty_vahhouse - short
tn_train_escape_h - difficulty imbalance: third stage is extreme+, mapper refused to edit the map; no hp booster
downladders - short; repetitive jumps


hama_bhopp done in 18:44.79 WR! 1 place 50 Exp
hb_toffifee2 done in 14:32.89 (17:01.82 akkuratist) 1 place 0 Exp


mls_volcanobhop done in 01:44.69 (01:35.63 paslalala) 9 place 22 Exp
notkz_pthree done in 02:17.11 (03:07.49 goshopileto) 1 place 30 Exp


cg_beginnercave done in 02:06.34 WR! (02:20.02 MaVo^) 1 place 50 Exp
hb_thg done in 00:59.65 WR! (01:01.02 colcolx) 1 place 30 Exp
kzlu_fj_dustclimb done in 01:34.68 (01:35.28 Evis) 1 place 30 Exp
newage_climb done in 02:10.79 WR! 1 place 60 Exp
zink_climbday done in 02:12.02 WR! (02:26.17 HitMan) 1 place 60 Exp


kz_hop done in 03:07.87 (03:14.47 intrider) 1 place 30 Exp


5oXen_hb_L377 done in 01:14.28 WR! (01:42.36 Juby) 1 place 30 Exp
5oXen_hb_MuZzLee done in 01:33.43 WR! (01:49.62 Juby) 1 place 30 Exp
ds_autumn done in 01:31.21 WR! (01:31.23 rawe) 1 place 60 Exp
dyd_paintskill done in 01:01.87 (01:01.15 colcolx) 2 place 29 Exp
kzkg_xmas_2010 done in 01:40.68 WR! (02:00.01 HitMan) 1 place 60 Exp
kzz_bhop_h done in 08:57.60 WR! (21:30.85 Kalashnikov) 1 place 60 Exp
kzz_joebhop done in 06:40.77 WR! 1 place 60 Exp


cosy_cliffclimb done in 02:58.84 WR! 1 place 60 Exp
kz_real_caverns done in 05:38.26 WR! (06:48.86 RoN`) 1 place 60 Exp
kz_xj_experience done in 07:29.07 WR! (07:31.23 voX) 1 place 60 Exp
kzr_mlia_hill done in 01:56.21 WR! 1 place 60 Exp
kzro_quLhopEZ done in 02:47.45 WR! (03:09.95 jabroni) 1 place 60 Exp
notkz_torn done in 01:26.57 WR! (01:28.05 colcolx) 1 place 60 Exp
tirion_reloco done in 01:14.29 WR! (01:39.45 tasi) 1 place 60 Exp


kz_ep_gigablock_b01 done in 02:08.56 (02:10.81 seniug) 1 place 0 Exp
kz_northpole_b01 done in 01:53.15 (02:06.02 silentq) 1 place 30 Exp


ErSykZer_slide_longjumps_ez done in 01:22.31 (01:24.92 flores) 1 place 30 Exp
ErSykZer_slide_longjumps_h done in 01:52.60 (03:27.68 Silk_Road) 1 place 0 Exp
ErSykZer_slide_longjumps_x done in 01:53.89 (03:48.29 Silk_Road) 1 place 0 Exp


dyd_bhop done in 09:09.14 (04:30.71 round) 4 place 17 Exp
hb_B2U done in 01:46.58 WR! 1 place 50 Exp
hb_kasalasa_e done in 01:42.52 (01:27.26 Cordyline) 3 place 18 Exp
hb_paopaochahu done in 02:45.65 (02:52.77 tHEYAMBO) 1 place -10 Exp
kzro_pussy done in 01:43.03 WR! (01:46.73 Sly) 1 place 50 Exp
mls_hb_MuneEbIzBaCk done in 01:08.84 (01:01.14 rawe) 2 place 19 Exp
mls_volcanobhop done in 01:43.66 (01:35.63 paslalala) 8 place 13 Exp
ty_zavod done in 01:51.82 1 place 20 Exp
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Rejected demos - illegal start position - +use wait script
Deleted demos
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